IT-1 Introduction to Contemporary Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture / Architectural Conservation and Restoration
1st Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation
Course Leader:
lect. Liliana Cazacu
Teaching Staff:
asist. dr. arh. Ilinca PĂUN-CONSTANTINESCU, drd. arh. Ilinca POP, drd. arh. Ruxandra VASILE, drd. arh. Andreea CHIRCĂ
Learning outcomes:
The course is conceived as a general introduction to the understanding of contemporary architecture. It should provide the students with a conceptual framework to be updated with other more specific information acquired throughout their academic career. It should also help students integrate more general knowledge about architecture, either disseminated through architectural magazines or acquired through their everyday spatial experience. The contemporary project is thus understood as the converging point of the different subjects introduced in the University. Another objective is to help students get familiar with architectural writing and critique, as well as with recurrent themes and arguments within actual architectural debates.
Architecture without Architects The Architect The Classical Tradition The Classical Language at the scale of the City New Needs, New Ideas, New Forms New Beginnings: the Avangarde Movements of the 20th Century The Modern Movement The Functionalist City The Rediscovery of the Traditional City The Critique of Modernism: In Search for a New Architectural Language Contemporary Architecture: Keys to a Labyrinth Contemporary Architecture: Between Razing History and Reappraising the Past
Teaching Method:
Final examination
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