CP-38 History and Theory of Conservation

The Faculty of Architecture / Architectural Conservation and Restoration
3rd Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation
Course Leader:
lect. Gabriel Panasiu
Learning outcomes:
The course is meant to teach the students about the main topics of historic building conservation: historic monument, principles of historic preservation, conservation restoration and enhancement fcrom the architects point of view.
1. Viollet le Duc restoration theory
2. John Ruskin and the ethics of conservation
3. Camillo Boito and the balance between conservation and restoration
4. The Theory of Restoration-C. Brandi
5. Alois Riegl and the modern cult of monuments
6. The Charter of Venice, a general overview
7. The restoration according to the Charter of Venice
8. The historic monument conservatiuon according to the Charter of Venice
9. Romanian legislation in conservation and the history of conservation in Romania
Teaching Method:
Oral exam
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