SFA-8 Shape Study (4)

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
conf. Elena Codina Dușoiu
Teaching Staff:
conf.dr.arh. Codina Dusoiu, conf.dr.arh. Carmen Dumitrescu, lector dr. Ionel Iștoc, lector dr.arh. Andreea Neacșu, lector dr.arh. Mihnea Mihăilescu asist.dr.arh. Andreea Ivanciof, asist.drd.arh. Ana Mohonea, asist. Matei Dumitrescu
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
The course has the following didactic objects:
- Work with surfaces and materials with the purpose of developing imagination and creativity - direct applicability in architecture design
- Investigation of structure as space creator. Structure as experiment and innovation.
- Use of non-conventional materials for the realization of spatial compositions at diverse representation scales
1. The dynamics of form. Form as an experiment. Structure/envelope - complex theme. The relationship between structure and envelope is explained, by correlating architectural laws and principles with laws extracted from nature. A modular composition interpretated from the concept of the project realized in the architectural studio for the 2nd year will be conceived.
2. The dynamics of surface. Architectural space through texture and light. The theme is applied on the communitary space of the project realized in the architectural studio for the 2nd year.
3. The dynamics of surface. Folding as spatial generator. Elements of interior architecture and furnishing. The theme is applied on the communitary space of the project realized in the architectural studio for the 2nd year, as a continuation of the previous exercise.
4. The dynamics of form. Spatial structures. Nature: laws and principles - complex theme. The exercise investigates the multitude of solutions offered by bionics for architecture and design
5. The dynamics of form. Form as a spatial sculptural element. Application: artistic installation for a communitary space.
Teaching Method:
Theoretical lectures and presentation of the topic requests, practical works realised in the studio, with guidance and former documentation.
The aritmetic average of the 5 works, to two decimal places. The marks of the delivered works will be decided by a commission formed by several professors from the guiding team of the discipline. The presence of the student in the studio and theoretical presentations is a condition for the right to deliever the works.
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Specific bibliography and web documentation, acording to the request of each theme