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Feb 25th, 2013
Winning projects

Seven awards were conferred: four prizes and three mentions. Additionally, three entries received the “short listed” distinction.

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Oct 15th, 2012
Extended deadline for projects arrival

As response to several architecture and urbanism schools request the competition deadline for projects arrival at organizers is extended to November 26, 2012

Jun 12th, 2012
Registration codes

Participants are kindly invited to verify their entry code on attached lists.
The organizers received 12 unrecorded registrations that are not operable.
Please send again the registration form if you DON'T FIND your entry code confirmed.

Apr 20th, 2012
Registration deadline extension

As response to several architecture and urbanism schools request the competition registration deadline is extended to the 1st of June 2012


Feb 19 Exhibition open to public
Feb 22, 10:00-17:00 International jury
Feb 22, 17:00 Conference arch. Père RIERA, Spain: "The joy of the unexpected: a way of inhabiting the world" / Council Hall UAUIM
Feb 23, 16:00 Winners announcemet
Feb 26, 17:00 Conference arch Adrian SOARE, arch. Liviu Zagan, arch. Iustin BARONCEA: "You think the way you inhabit" / Fresco's Hall UAUIM
Feb 28, 14:00 Masa rotunda « CONTEMPORY DWELLING » / Fresco's Hall UAUIM
Mar 5, 17:00 Conference arch. Dorin STEFAN, Andrei LEFTER: « Confronting with arhitect profession » / Fresco's Hall UAUIM


Every design theme is a challenge to explore the Unknown.

All discovery tools provided by the architectural design methods, processes and research deal with open problems.

Housing is an ‘open problem’.

The 21st century reality changes with a fantastic speed the mere understanding of the House. Consumption society let us become less linked to a place and more connected to the promise of goods and facilities availability. We oscillate from an address to another in a nomad way altering the House problem.

Dwelling and Housing are consumption products. Real Estate corporations are selling dreams at square meter. Architecture and architects are summoned to find a solution. In order to solve this, the first step is to acknowledge the Unknown.

There is an Unknown component that makes designing a House so appealing.

Competition Criteria

  1. Pertinence in open problem identification/accuracy topic selection and approach throughout the project
  2. Relevance of open problem/topic in the focused and enlarged context
  3. Capacity of stating clearly intentions and proposals
  4. Architectural quality of the proposal

Additional information: UNKNOWN as ”Open problem”: In science and mathematics, an open problem or an open question is a known problem that can be accurately stated, and has not yet been solved (no solution for it is known). Some questions remain unanswered for centuries before solutions are found. Two notable examples in mathematics that have been solved and closed by researchers in the late twentieth century are Fermat's Last Theorem and the four color map theorem. In addition to Mathematics, important open problems exist in many fields, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer science. It is common in graduate schools to point out open problems to students.