Foto Marius Voica

Marius Voica

Associate Professor at the Synthesis of Architectural Design Dept.

Research projects

ERASMUS+ Project, KA 2 - Strategic partnerships in the fields of education, training and research, UAUIM, UNICT and NTNU partnership „Modernizing Learning and Teaching for Architecture through Smart and Long-lasting Partnerships leading to sustainable and inclusive development strategies to Vitalize heritage Villages through Innovative
Technologies ”, Project Manager,

Core Project (ANCS contract): PN 09 03 01 09 "Major strategic guidelines for stimulating the urban regeneration of port cities in order to sustainably develop the Danube Region", project manager

Core Project: PN 09 03 01 04, “Rural development as a factor of territorial competitiveness in order to reduce intraregional disparities”, project manager

MDRAP Contract, "Analysis on informal settlements in Romania - assessment of the current situation in order to formulate regulations and intervention tools", project manager

MDRAP contract "Joint strategy for sustainable territorial development of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area", MDRAP contract

Conference participation

Keynote speaker, Conference: "Thermal rehabilitation program in Romania to support the implementation of Directive 2010/31 / EU on energy performance of buildings", at the conference organized at the headquarters of INCD Urban-Incerc, with experts from Bulgaria, 7-11.01.2013

Keynote speaker, Conference: "Energy Efficiency in Romania" at the international conference "Annual EUKN Conference 2013 Energy Efficient Cities" - Oradea, 6-7.11.2013

Keynote speaker and Conference presentation: “Presentation of the results of the core program realized in URBANPROIECT”, at the international conference: “Diaspora in Scientific Research and Higher Education in Romania - Integrated planning and interdisciplinary research for sustainable and competitive urban development of Romania”, 25-28.09.2012

Support, Conference, Conference: “Tradition and Technology in Passive Constructions; Passive details in Danube Delta architecture ”, at the“ Danube Environment Forum ”, 27-29.06.2013, Tulcea

Conference, presentation of Dealul Frumos International Workshop, Sofia, Bulgaria 5th Danube International day EUSDR, Sofia, Bulgaria, 11.2018

Publications and articles

M.Voica, V. Meita (2012) “Supporting the urbanization process by adapting the traditional rural structures and promoting the identity character of the built fund”, INCD URBAN-INCERC Bucharest, ISBN-978-606-8165-17-2

M.Hărmănescu, E.C.Mândrescu, A.Panait, M. Voica (2019). Romanian applied study on rural heritage. Sustainable revitalization methodology approaching inter-multi- and trans-disciplinarily of build culture aiming to promote social inclusion for disadvantaged and remote communities. VVITA Workshop, Danube Delta, “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, ISBN 978-606-638-191-8

M. Voica, V. Meita, (2014) Publication coordinator: “Symbolic spaces made of wood and reeds”, INCD URBAN-INCERC Bucharest, ISBN-978-606-8165-18-9

Vincenzo Sapienza, Luca Finocchiaro, Marius Voica (2021) ‘’ Higher Education and Innovation. Design of an Innovative Teaching. Module for an Intensive program on Eolian Islands ’’, Editorial Office MDPI, ISBN 978-3-03943-712-2

M. Voica V. Ciontu, J. Baroncea (2021) ‘’ Vacaresti Park, Ideas for a visiting center ’’, “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, ISBN 978-606-638-219-9

Workshops, competitions

Architecture Annual 2019, Award of the section "Research in Architecture-Participatory Architecture", OAR organizer

European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation, Silver Medal, Euroinvent for the work "Symbolic spaces of wood and reed" 2015

Prize and 3 mentions, RUR Contest, Photographic Essay, Diversity Space, 10.2014

International Workshop in the Danube Delta, Letea and Sfistofca, coordinator,

International Workshop in the Danube Delta, Periprava, coordinator