Foto Irina Băncescu

Irina Băncescu

Research projects

1. Triplex confinium - An approach to the visible gaps and discrepancies in the field of higher education in architecture and urbanism by exploring the visible discontinuities along the national borders between Romania, Hungary and Serbia, Erasmus + K203 international project (2019-2022); role in the project: member of the UAUIM team as organizer, workshop supervisor, researcher-conference author, articles. Link:
2. European ROma Mapping (EU-ROMA) - International cultural project to research the current living conditions of gypsie communities in Europe, in partnership with international organizations (2007-2009), EACEA Culture 2007 Program; role in the project: member of the ATU team as organizer, workshop guide, researcher. Link:
3. PUG Berzasca commune, interdisciplinary research for the substantiation of the general urban plan, in collaboration with the office of the Project Capitel and the local administration of Berzasca commune, Caraș Severin county (2008 - 2010)
4. C.N.C.S.I.S. Art Consortium - Urban Communities - Mobilization (NOW). Social reintegration of the artistic and architectural project, DITACP, UAUIM (2006-2008). Link:
5. Rehabilitation of the water front, research within the Vasile Pârvan Scholarship, Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy (2004-2006). Link:

Conference participation

1. Debate on the topic of architecture education (coordination with Ina Stoian and Alexandru Belenyi) starting from the book 2, 14 types of architecture schools, PlusMinus Publishing House & “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016, within BETA - Biennial of Timisoara architecture 2018, Timisoara, 2018
2. Conference “Recovery of the water front. Rivers and cities in Romania ”, Art + / - public space colloquium in Galați, Brăila and Medgidia within the cultural project “Art in public space: contemporary documentary and artistic practices ”, MNAC, Bucharest, 2016
3. The conference “On Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Communist Romania”, about the international seminar Situating Modernity in the Black Sea Region. Trans-cultural Encounters, Ambivalent Maps and Leisure Architecture, MNAC, Bucharest, 2014
4. Conference “The difficulty of conversion in the case of some examples of industrial heritage. The case of Anghel Saligny's silos ”, National Congress From architecture to built heritage ... and beyond, Sinaia, 2013
5. Conference “On the rehabilitation of the river bank in order to reconstruct the urban image. Action-study on Dâmbovița ”, seminar Culture and city: creative industries and urban dynamics, New Europe College, Bucharest, 2008

Publications and articles

1. “The project of the protection construction of the Roman mosaic building from Constanța (1959 - 1967)”, within the cultural project History Now, Zeppelin 159, pp. 80 - 101, 2020
2. 2.14 types of architecture schools, editor and author, co-editors Ina Stoian and Alexandru Belenyi, PlusMinus Publishing House & “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016
3. ”Reclaiming a Land of Overlapping Frontiers. The Romanian Seaside until the 20th Century ”, pp. 83-102, studies in the History and Theory of Architecture,“ Ion Mincu ”University Publishing House, Bucharest (4/2016)
4. “The communist project of the Romanian coast. Architecture between political constraints and mass tourism in the post-war European context ”, pp. 40-69, Delightful views: urbanism and architecture in Romanian tourism on the Black Sea in the 60s and 70s, edited by Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor and Alina Șerban, Pepluspatru Association Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015
5. “On Changes in the Dwelling Conditions of the Romanian Roma under Communism” (co-author Daniela Calciu), pp. 209-225, Reading the Architecture of the Underprivileged Classes, edited by Nnamdi Elleh, Ashgate Publishing House, London, 2014
6. ”Grain Silos in the Port of Constanța at the Beginning of the 20th Century”, pp. 309-360, Ephemeris Dacoromana, Editura Accademia di Romania, Roma (XIV / 2012)
7. "Roma Exosphere", pp.113-117, Mapping the Invisible: Eu-Roma Gypsies, edited by Lucy Orta

Workshops, competitions

1. International competition for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Johannes Honterus court, the Black Church, Brasov (collaboration with ADNBA and Arhitectura Exhibit) // 1st prize, 2011
2. EUROPAN 10 - Inventing Urbanity. Regeneration, Revitalization, Colonization, Eisenstadt, Austrian (collaboration with ADNBA) // runner-up, 2010
3. Participation in workshops in Rome (Roma in Rome, 05.2008), Bucharest (Roma (nia). Between Severe and Extreme Poverty, 10.2008), Volos (Building Together, 04.2009) and London (Roma Gypsy Survival Strategies, 06.2009) , in the European ROma Mapping (EU-ROMA), 2007-2009
4. Organization, coordination and participation in the interdisciplinary camp in Berzasca commune, Caraș Severin county, Right to the Danube - identity and development in vulnerable areas, 2008
5. International competition Extension and functional remodeling - headquarters of the National University of Arts, Bucharest (collaboration with ADNBA) // first prize, 2008