EPAT – Eau comme PATrimoine

Project funded by European Commission programme Culture 2007-2013: http://www.ces.uc.pt/epat/pages/pt/apresentacao.php

Water as Heritage – experiences and know-how in the rehabilitation of water cities and river landscapes

Project duration: 24 months (May 2011 - April 2013).

Funding programme: European Commission Culture 2007-2013

Scientist in charge: Romeo Farinella, Universitaty of Ferrara, CITERLab, Departament of Architecture (Italy)



Short description

The general project aims to contribute to the rediscovery of the importance of European rivers and river landscapes within the urban rehabilitation strategies of cities with water access, as well as the valorization of the heritage aspects that river landscapes can have through a comparative approach (urban planning and landscape ). The aim is to provide knowledge tools for a professional training of urban planners, landscapers and architects aimed at a complex and global approach to the situation of these cities.

Within this project, the Romanian team will aim to analyze the situation of the city of Brăila and its relationship with the Danube, in an attempt to consider the aquatic component as an essential part of the heritage that must influence the architectural-urban planning and landscape decisions that will be made at the level of rehabilitation of this city.


Contribute to the rediscovery of the importance of rivers and water landscapes in urban and landscape rehabilitation strategies in European cities, as well as in the design of urban projects. Special attention is paid to the ability of rivers and waterscapes to contribute to the creation of new public spaces in cities. For this very reason, in this project, the city and river landscapes are considered public spaces and a collective good. The territorial space chosen by the organizers is precisely the Euro-Mediterranean region, due to the specificities of these river landscapes;

Disseminate and enhance the heritage, cultural and natural aspects and components of 'water sites’;

Encourage the confrontation between different traditions, knowledge and methods in policies for valuing river landscapes and in urban and landscape rehabilitation projects, comparing experiences and “trying out” projects for the different case studies proposed by each partner. The design phase is considered not only in its methodological aspects but also as a process of knowledge of the history of places and landscapes;

Offer knowledge and professional training tools for designers and other professionals in the territory, disseminating a complex, interdisciplinary and global approach;

Consolidate a landscape culture through different activities dedicated to local communities and favoring the process of identifying these communities with their own territory - always taking into account the recommendations of the European Landscape Convention.

Case studies AteLP

Italy: Comacchio: rehabilitation of an urban aquatic system between heritage, nature and tourism

France, Lille: water as a medium for major cultural events

Portugal: Coimbra and the Mondego River as support for the green and blue network in an urban environment

Romania: Braila: articulation of projects for the rehabilitation of town centers with high heritage value and projects to recreate river landscapes



“L’eau comme patrimoine” - Séminaire & Workshop 21-26 May 2012 – Lille

“Water as heritage – the importance of river landscapes for cities and local communities” February 13-15, 2012 – Coimbra

The Flying River February 14th to April 11th, 2012 – Coimbra – Museu da Água

Launching Seminar of the European Project EPAT 17-19 October 2011 – Bucuresti-Braila

Water as Heritage WORKSHOP October 3, 2011 – Coimbra

Out of the final publication

(99+) Acqua come patrimonio (Water as Heritage; UE Culture Programme. Education and Culture DG) | Romeo Farinella - https://www.academia.edu/5015896/Acqua_come_patrimonio_Water_as_Heritage_UE_Culture_Programme_Education_and_Culture_DG_ - Italian part in the memory of Marica Solomon

(99+) A ÁGUA COMO PATRIMÓNIO. Experiências de requalificação das cidades com água e das paisagens fluviais | João Paulo Cardielos and Romeo Farinella - https://www.academia.edu/28603169/A_ÁGUA_COMO_PATRIMÓNIO._Experiências_de_requalificação_das_cidades_com_água_e_das_paisagens_fluviais - Portuguese part

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