“Ion Mincu“ University of Architecture and Urbanism research strategy in the field of disater for protection of natural and built heritage in urban and rural zones

Code: UAUIM-FFCSU-2021-001
Envisaged field: A. Revisting the research strategy of the university – strategical research field
Run time: 16th of September - 10th of December 2021


The project, with an approved budget of 17745 RON, aims to implement a UAUIM research strategy in the field of natural and built heritage protection against disasters in urban and rural settlements and aims to acquire interdisciplinary skills on disaster-resilient architectural and urban design and its harmonization with international European legislation in the field for the IMUAU teaching and research community.

Under the project manager's leadership, the team will aim to achieve the specific objectives of diversifying the competencies of UAUIM teaching and research staff with disaster management competence, with the complementary discipline of IT, GIS and virtual reality. In addition, it will be generating ideas and solutions for problematic sites, disseminating best practices to decision-makers and the general public and last but not least to experts by updating 3 of the courses currently taught by them and initiating the development of 2 optional courses (urban law for disasters, GIS and virtual reality).



The project is structured on three activities that together contribute to the achievement of the objectives.

November 22-23, 2021: The DISASTERPROTECT Conference