UT-17 Urban Economics and Evaluation

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leaders:
asist.dr.urb. Dana Milea
Learning outcomes:
Understand the issues describing urban space, and urban economics as discipline studying optimal dimension of a city; understand, interpretate and manage urban problems according to contemporary city development.
1. Introduction. Disciplines used for the study of urban territories / role of urban economics
2. Definition of urban economics. 3 approaches – descriptive, analytical and systemic.
3. Spatial approach of urban economics. Conceptual approach.
4. Spatial approach of urban economics. Pragmatic approach.
5. Economic activity.
6. Urban demand. Definition and manifestation in urban territory.
7. Urban supply. Definition and manifestation in urban territory.
8. Analisys of supply and demand in urban territories. Urban planning documents / examples.
9. Economic development and local development. Definitions and approach.
10. Analisys and diagnosys of local economic development.
11. Economic development diagnosys in urban and territorial planning documents.
12. Urban development indicators. Sustainable development and economic development.
13. Development indicators used in urban and territorial planning documents.
14. Case studies/ urban and territorial planning documents.
Teaching Method:
illustrated lecture; case studies
applications and exercises during the workshops.
1. Dumont, Gerard-Francois, Economie Urbaine, Villes et Territoires en Compètition, Paris, Litec, 1993
2. Local Economic and Employment Development Practical Manual, Revised Version, 1996 European Commission, Directorate-General Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs
3. Urbanproiect, Metodologie privind dezvoltarea analizei economice in profil spatial, Metodologie, 2002
4. Prof.univ.dr.Valentin Nicolae, Conf.univ.dr. Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Bazele economiei regionale si urbane, Oscar Print, Bucuresti, 1998
5. Harvey, Jack, Urban Land Economics, MACMILLAN PRESS LTD, London, 1996
6. Ianos, Ioan, Dinamica urbana, Aplicatii la orasul si sistemul urban romanesc, Editura Tehnica, Bucuresti, 2004