UT-30 Integrated Urban Planning - Elaboration of the General Urban Plan Regulations

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Management for Competitive Cities
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2P | ECTS Credits: 4
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Simona Munteanu
Learning outcomes:
Introduce students the specific terminology of development and sustainable development.
Gaining knowledge for understanding the management of the main development concept, in correlation with urban regulations and strategic development principles.
Gaining the skills to analyze and interpreting the phenomena that describe urban territory, skills for abstraction and normative quantification of urban planning and specific phenomena within.
Discipline is part of the Strategic Planning module, following the implementation of the objectives of urban development strategy of policy intervention.
During the seven workshops will implement - through graphic illustration and correlated regulatory rules, establishing urban indicators for land use - strategic objectives and programs / projects of urban intervention set out in the previous stage - the conceptualization of development strategy.
It will be identified and implement the types of areas related to strategic concept, will be identified and localize programs and projects set out above.
It be determined the built surfaces distribution in relationship with proposed plan types, in relation to different areas of importance and emergence intervention. The correlation - legally and operationally - will be based on the development of urban regulations and a prioritization of urban interventions.
Teaching Method:
Illustrated and commented exercise.
Participation in the activities organized for each of the workshops 40%, 20% on supporting the project, the project delivered (final) 40%.
The Law 350/2001 on urban and regional planning, as amended and supplemented;
The Decision no. 525/1996 for the approval of general planning regulations, as amended and supplemented.
ORDER MLPAT no. 21/N/2000 for the approval "Guidance on the development and approval of local planning regulations"