UT-98 Land management studies and documentations

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Territorial Planning and Regional Development
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 4
Course Leader:
lect. dr. urb. Liviu Veluda
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to introduce the students in the domain of the legislation related to the financing, making and approval processes of the studies and documentations for teritorial planning in Romania. Another objective is the understanding of the legislative/ normative/ technical correlations between different categories of documentation, at various spatial scale to be applied.
The course is also oriented for the learning of the basic concepts of the frame-content of the documentation, as well as the understanding of the relations of the territorial development objectives and territorial planing documentations related with the knowledge of the main documents and specific legislation elements.
1. Elements of specific Romanian legislation in the field of territorial planning
2. Objectives of the territorial planning documentations
3. Elements about the financing and control of the the effective use of the documentations
4. Categories of documentations. Specific objectives
5. Spatial scales of documentations. Correlatins of different categories of documentations.
6. Preliminary studies. Fundamentation studies
7. Special territorial planning studies category
8. Correlations of different documentation categories
9. The frame-content of urban planning documentations (1)
10. The frame-content of urban planning documentations (2)
11. The frame-content of urban planning documentations – correlations with territorial planning documantations
12. Different categories of documentations relations with territorial and spatial development processes
13. Aproval process of territorial planning documentations
14. Revisions and up-to-date processes of urban and territorial planning documentations
Teaching Method:
Courses, video presentations, electronic support for the courses, documentations examples
Individual synthesis work at the exam
1. LEGEA nr. 350/2001 privind amenajarea teritoriului și urbanismul, completată și revizuită;
2. LEGEA nr. 137/1995 privind protecția mediului;
3. LEGEA nr. 422/2001 privind protejarea monumentelor istorice;
4. LEGEA nr. 5/2000 privind zonele protejate;
5. LEGEA nr. 215/2001 administrației publice locale, completată și revizuită;
6. LEGEA nr. 453/2001 care modifică și completează Legea nr. 50/1991;
7. LEGEA privind regimul juridic al drumurilor (nr. 82/1998 pentru aprobarea O.G. nr. 43/1997);
8. LEGEA privind proprietatea publică și regimul juridic al acesteia (nr. 213/1998);
9. H.G.R. nr. 525/1996 modificat prin H.G.R. nr. 855/2001, pentru aprobarea Regulamentului General de Urbanism;
10. LEGEA nr. 71/1996 privind aprobarea PATN - Secțiunea I - Căi de comunicație;
11. LEGEA 171/1996privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului național - Secțiunea a II-a Apa
12. LEGEA nr. 5/2000 privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului național - Secțiunea a III-a - zone protejate
13. LEGEA 351/2001privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului național - Secțiunea a IV-a Rețeaua de localități
14. LEGEA 575/2001 privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului național - Secțiunea a V-a Zone de risc natural