SFA-130 Architecture and Context

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
2nd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C | ECTS Credits: 2
Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leader:
conf. Sorana Unțanu
Teaching Staff:
conf. dr. arh. Sorana Blanca UNTANU
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to discuss the issue of integrating an architectural object in a given site, taking into account the characteristics of the place as well as the conditions related to the existing legislation for the respective location.
The creation of a coherent image must take into account the integration of the proposed object in the context of the given site, but it must also take into account the construction rules existing in that place.
These rules are regulated by the existing legislation in the field of architecture and urbanism but also by the regulations specific to each site through the existing urban plans.

The integration of an architectural object in a given existing framework represents a complex process through which the characteristics of the place, of the existing landscape are identified and the integration of the proposed object both from a constructive and aesthetic point of view but also from the point of view of existing legislation. resulting in a coherent development of the place to which we must all contribute.
The course also aims to introduce the concepts of integration, context, etc. in the current language of future architects, familiarizing and inducing a way of thinking that includes a multi-criteria approach to the place.
Course 1 - defining the usual terms and getting acquainted with their meaning,
Course 2 - cadastral plan, topo survey,
Course 3 - urban planning documentation - introduction of the defining elements for establishing the buildability of a construction,
Course 4 - construction legislation - identification of constraint elements for the integration of a construction,
Course 5 - situation plan / practical work,
- identification of the construction buildable and of the maximum size according to the existing urban regulations in the area.
Course 6.7 - analysis of a site / final practical paper.
- alignment, alignment, distances from neighborhoods, maximum height regime, POT CUT etc.
Teaching Method:
The course will include seven discussions on the integration of the object of architecture in the existing constructed context and the application of the notions acquired in practical works.
The promotion will be based on the average of the final paper and the paper which will be submitted during the semester - which will consist an analyse of a site - on which a construction is to be located and proposing a function, the buildable of a construction and a volume of it.
Also, the participation and active involvement in the discussions during the semester will bring an additional 10% to the average of the two papers.
The final paper will be submitted in session at a later date.
Thus the final average will be calculated as follows:
90% average of the two papers (30% paper during the semester and 70% final paper)
10% active participation in the discussions during the course.