SDU-11 Notions of urban planning in French

Doctoral School of Urban Planning
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 1C | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
prof. em. dr. arh. Mariana Eftenie
Learning outcomes:
The specialized literature in the French language from the theoretical and practical area in the field of urban planning includes and deals with fundamental reference topics. The particularities of the specific concepts, necessary to be known and correctly used; the opportune demand for specialists in the field, especially for those involved in university studies, argues for the acquisition of a "technical vocabulary" in this language. Because, because the bibliographic study is a scientific and didactic objective of reference regarding the elaboration of the doctoral thesis, on the one hand. Because French specialized literature 'brings' nominations, names - some 'untranslatable' - or which, when translated into other languages, have a different meaning than the original one. What disrupts / modifies the initial connotation of the respective concept, with consequences in the accuracy of the scientific exercise, on the other hand. Consequently, one of the objectives of the course is that of knowing/acquiring a minimal but fundamental glossary of terms, necessary for bibliographic study and doctoral research as a whole.
The course is made up of two modules, namely:

1. Discussing, through a comparative analysis, the essential aspects of the urban theory in relation to the temporal-historical evolution and the reflection in the French specialized literature. Arguing the need for a correct understanding of the 'essential' connotation of urban concepts.
Compilation of a "Glossary of terms" for urban planning specialists in French

2. Identifying the conceptual peculiarities for the doctoral theses of drd. students. results from the individual bibliographic study - with resonance in the specialized literature in the French language and / or in translations from this language. Deepening and understanding the possible differences in meaning, interpretation, connotations that may be encountered in translations of specialized texts in French, in another language.
Teaching Method:
The course is made up of presentations/lectures; debates in accordance with the proposed themes, by commenting on bibliographies recommended and/or discussed by the students.
The evaluation is done in a continuous system by accumulating the score obtained as a result of the presentation of some subjects, themes, in relation to the objectives and content of the course.
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