SFA-38 Management and Marketing

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
4th Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leader:
conf. Carmen Dumitrescu
Learning outcomes:
From project management to carrier planning, to bussines plan and the correct positioning on the market - management and marketing elements are essential for the development of the future inerior architect and product designer. The course presents current problems and trends in the profession, we discuss the ways to effective adaptation and innovative propositions. The course will be addressing both the theory and the applicability levels: basic concepts and specific vocabulary, general overview of the area, discussions, illustrations and practical applications to be later applied in practice.
Presentation titles 1 Introduction: general concepts in management and marketing. 2 Personal development, carrier strategies. 3 Management and leadership. 4 Leadership and management theories and styles. 5 Areas of management : ressources,strategical,small companies, project management. 6 Actuality and trends in management: crisis, sustainability ma, innovation management. 7 Design management I. general concept , identity strategies . 8 Design management I. identity program . 9 Marketing:general concepts. 10 Means and techniques in marketing. Market studies. 11 Bussiness elements for the interior archtiect and designer I. 12 Being an entrepreneur. Building a bussines plan. Positioning on the market. 13 Identity, image, communications in professional practice I. 14 Globalization: integration and differentiation - cultural differencies in management and marketing in different geographic and cultural areas
Teaching Method:
Theoretical presentations followed by applications; case-studies.
70%papers and applications during the semester, 30% exam.
Books, magazines, documentaries, to be foundat the UAUIM library, Franch library, British Council, BCU, Academy Library, Art Academy library, the internet.,Lista partiala de bibliografie: Mielu Zlate Leadership și management A. Purcarea, C. Niculescu, D. Constantinescu Management – elemente fundamentale A. Ries, J.Trout Marketing warfare B.Lee, S. Covey Principiul puterii Carmen Dumitrescu Teorie si practica a comunicarii pentru arhitecti si designeri Nic Peeling Manager de mare succes Jamie Walters Marea putere a micii afaceri Larry C. Farrell Cum sa devii antreprenor. Dezvolta-ti propria afacere Alvin Toffler Previziuni premise Steve Jobs Secretele inovatiei
The applications will be chosen according to the specific conditions of the group and e the general context.