SFA-33 Urban Furniture

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
4th Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leader:
asist. Ana Mohonea
Learning outcomes:
Review of the urban furniture problems, substantiating the decision choice of type of furniture, examples of troubleshooting
Titles of the courses 1 Introduction. Functions Definitions. A short history of urban furniture urban. Future trends 2 Leisure furniture, benches, chairs 3 Urban layout: ramps, curbs closings, pavements 4 Urban lighting: towers for lighting, street lighting, spots 5 Water Supplies pots, fences to protect trees, fountains 6 Comunication; signage; imformation 7 Comunication: advertising 8 Public services; bus shelters 9 Public services: plyground for services 10 Street commerce; Kiosks for tickets, flowers, press or icecream 11 Art and the city 12 Location of monuments and monumental art objects 13 Cleanling: containers and trash cans 14 Decision in choosing the furniture.
Teaching Method:
Power point presentations and site visits
Final exam 25% + 25% for lecture attendance + 50% practical evaluation
Derer, Petre ,Mobilier urban, Editura Tehnică, cod I 4398 Gehl, Jan & Gemzoe, Lars, New city spaces, The Danish Archirtectural Press, Copenhagen, 2003 Serra, Ma. Josef, Urban elements furniture and microarchitecture,Editorial Gustavo Gill S.A., Barcelona, 1998 XXX Urban Architecture, Editiones Atrium S.A., Barcelona, 1991
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