PID-72 History of Costumes

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
4th Year, sem 2, 2022-2023 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
conf. Ștefania Victoria Ruse
Learning outcomes:
The students will assimilate knowledges related to the history of the costume, from the prehistorical period, to the XXI century; the understanding of the relation beetwen fashion - furniture- visuale arts –interiore architecture, in defyning the ideal of beauty and the style of an epoch. The themes of the applications have the following purpose: the students will have the needed knowledges to configurate the volumes and shapes of the costumes, accesories, ,compositions with colours and textures.
Lectures: 1 Ideal of beauty –interior architecture - life style. 2 Costums in prehistorie - compositions on skin(tattoo si makeup) 3 Costums in India, Mesopotamia and Egipt 4 Structures in movement 1(drapes) in The Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire 5 Costumes of the „barbarions”- traditionales costumes 6 Costumes in the Midle Ages (byzantin, romanic, gothic) 7 Oriental costumes - Romanian Royal costumes 8 Costumes Renaissance (Italy, France, England and Spain) 9 Structures in movement 2: mantles and accesories during the XVII-th and the XVIII-th centuries. 10 Sculptural Compositions : masks, hair-style, hats – (baroque,rococo) 11 Costumes in the XIX- th century / Romania beetwen the Oriental and the Occidental world 12 The XX- th century - original and copy - inspiration from visual arts 13 Costumes in Far Orient (China, Japon ) and jewels costumes 14 Costumes in the New Millenium – famos designers – Interferences of arts Practical works: 1 Compozitional Study - makeup and tattoos (fotos, sketches) 2 Study of togas (personals fotos, modern togas, modern drapes) 3 Comparative Study of the exotic costume - modern costume 4 Study of the fairy costume (study of armoures , royal costum) 5 Volumetric study - hair - style, hats – (baroque,rococo neoclassic, modernism) 6 Originals and copies - costumes inspirated from architecture si visual arts 7 Style and designer (the analysis of the creation of a fashion designer)
Teaching Method:
Lectures with projections, workshops
Examination - studies (7 themes + one costum sc. 1:1)
ALDER A., Le sens de la vie. Etude de psychologie individuelle, Centre Pajot, Paris 1960 BOUCHER, Francois, Histoire du Costume en Occident, Ed. Flammarion, 1999 BROADBERT G./ BUNT R./ LLORENS T., Semnificatie si comportament in spatiul construit ( trad.), Ed.Tehnica, Bucuresti 1985 CASSIUS – SCOTT, Jack, Costume and Fashion, Ed. Studio Vista, 199 DOORDAN, Dennis, Twentieth-Century Architecture, Calmann& King Ltd., 2001 DUCHER, Robert, Caracteristique des styles, Ed. Flammarion, Paris 1998 EDWARD, Lucie-Smith, Histoire du Mobilier, Ed. Thames & Hudson, Londra 1997 ECO, Umberto, Istoria frumusetii, (The History of Beauty) Grupul Editorial RAO, Bucuresti, 2005 FERRIER, Jean-Louis, L’aventure de l’art au XXe siecle, Edition du Chene-Hachette Livre, Paris, 1999 HOPPER, Stephanie, Decorating with pictures, Ed. Clarkson – Pofter, New York KING, Constance, Encyclopedie du Mobilier de caractere – Les canapees, Ed. de l’Olympe 1999 LUCIE-SMITH,Edward, Histoire du mobilier, Ed. Thames& Hudson,Paris,1990 MONTENEGRO, Riccardo, Style d’interieur, Ed. de la Martiniere, Paris NANU, Adina, Art, style, costume, Ed. Meridiane, Bucuresti 1985 NANU, Adina, Arta ;pe om, ( Art on the human body) Ed. Meridiane, Bucuresti 2000 RACINET, August, Histoire du costume,Paris, 2000 ***PETIT LAROUSSE, Ed. Galimard, Paris 1979
The costumes elaborated by the students will be expose in the expospaces of the University; they will be also presented in fashion shows (The Annual event in Arcitecture) and in TV shows.