SFA-38 Management and Marketing

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design
4th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leaders:
arh. Yvonne Toader (D4)
arh. Yvonne Toader (I4, M3)
Learning outcomes:
From project management to career management, to your own business plan and correct positioning on the market - management and marketing elements are essential to the development of the professional in interior architecture and design. The course presents current topics and trends on the subject, discusses ways of efficient adaptation and generation of innovative proposals. The course proposes a two-level approach: the theoretical level (with the definition of some basic concepts and a general picture of the fields),
and the pragmatic level where the applicability of theoretical principles is discussed.
Title of the courses

1.Introduction to Design Business Marketing
2. Marketing tools
3. Market and Market Positioning
4. Marketing mix for design offices
5. Branding and visual identity for design offices
6. Customer relationship and loyalty
7. Marketing performance measurement and analysis
8. Ethics and social responsibility in design office marketing
9. Introduction to design office management
10. Fundamentals of the design business
11. Project management
12. Ethics and social responsibility in the management of design offices
13. Design team management
14. Professional development and business growth
Teaching Method:
Theoretical presentations followed by applications; case-studies.
70% papers and applications during the semester, 30% exam.
Books, magazines, documentaries, to be foundat the UAUIM library, Franch library, British Council, BCU, Academy Library, Art Academy library, internet, etc.

Al Ries, Jack Trout: Marketing warfare
David Koren: Architect's Essentials of Marketing
Carmen Dumitrescu: Theory and practice of communication for architects and designers
Harold Linton: Marketing for Architects and Designers
Jamie S. Walters: The great power of small business
Larry C. Farrell: How to become an entrepreneur. Develop your own business
Mielu Zlate: Leadership și management
Phillip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Mairead Brady, Malcolm Goodman, Torben Hansen: Marketing Management
Robert B. Cialdini: Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion
The applications will be chosen according to the specific conditions of the group and e the general context.