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The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design

SFA-32 | Styles

Department: Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leaders:
lect. Mihnea Mihăilescu (I4)
lect.dr. Mihnea Mihăilescu (D4)
Learning outcomes:
Defines the style and the stylistic becoming problem regarding its contemporaneous interpretations
A presentation of the main stylistic moments in the universal history of art and architecture as well as a detailed excursion into a stylistic moment.
Titles of the courses:

1 Chronologic presentation of the stylistic becoming
2 Definition of the term : style
3 Style – idiolect relations
4 Coments on Buffon’s definition : ‘ the style is the man himself ‘
5 Relations between becoming and stylistic redundancies
6 The ages of the style: youth, maturity, old age
7 National style
8 Universal style
9 The relation national style – universal style in the modern architecture
10 The relation trend – movement - style
11 Ideology and style
12 Stylistic ‘ linguistics’
13 History – style relation
14 The ‘ stiles’ of the contemporaneous architecture
Teaching Method:
- course, inclunding slides, videos presentations, etc.
- written test
- essay
Aristotel, Gaston Bachelard, Lucian Blaga, Matila C.Ghyka, Nicolai Hartmann, Dittman Lorentz, P.A.Michelis, Tudor Vianu
Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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