SFA-77 Design Methodology

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design
4th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
arh. Andrei Mărgulescu
Learning outcomes:
Contemporary furniture design is very complex, with specific variations in different cultural areas. It is necessary to discuss also the social and economic context. Different points of view, theories and methods will be presented. Discussions and comments will be made in order to define the applicability of different methods to specific contexts and problems; theory, project based methodology.
Course titles:

1 Introduction: contemporary realities in furniture design.
2 Evolutions and trends in contemporary furniture design: green design, interractive, 'smart' objects
3 Theory and method. Design for real needs.
4 Defining the brief; documentation; project phases.
5 The place of design within the product's lifecycle.
6 Furniture design: new materials and technologies - new methodology.
7 Global and local - specific approaches. Discussions on the design methodology practiced in the anglo-saxon and other cultural areas.
8 Art, craft and experiment - influences and interferences. Experimental design.
9 Design methodology for small series production.
10 Design methodology for big series production.
11 'In -house'. 'free-lance', 'portfolio' designer
12 Globalization versus affirming local identity in furniture design
13 Creativity and innovation - creativity methods, 'lateral thinking', brainstorminf etcaetera.
14 Current problems and opportunities in furniture design in Romania and worldwide.
Teaching Method:
Theoretical presentations followed by applications; case-studies.
70%papers and applications during the semester, 30% exam.
Books, magazines, documentaries, to be foundat the UAUIM library, Franch library, British Council, BCU, Academy Library, Art Academy library, the internet, such as : Victor Papanek, Designfor the real world; Achiței, Frumosul dincolo de arta; Victor Margolin and Richard Buchanan, The Idea of Design, *** Design since 1945, etc.

Lista bibliografica partiala:
Paul Constantin Mica enciclopedie de arhitectura, arte decorative și aplicate moderne
Victor Papanek, Design pentru lumea reala
Achiței, Frumosul dincolo de arta
Victor Margolin și Richard Buchanan, The Idea of Design
*** Design since 1945
Donald Arthur Norman Designul lucrurilor de zi cu zi
***Paul Rodgers Articulating design thinking
*** Ecological Design
*** 1000 chairs
B. Bouillerce, E. Carre Cum sa ne dezvoltam creativitatea
Edward de Bono Gandirea laterala
Steve Jobs Secretele inovatiei
Larry Farrell Cum sa devii antreprenor. Dezvolta-ti propria afacere!
The applications will be chosen according to the specific conditions of the group and the general context.