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AEEA - European Association for Architectural Education
UAUIM - “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest, Romania
Exclusive Sponsor
LAFARGE, Romania


English is the official competition language


The competition is open to all students in architecture enrolled in an education institution affiliated or not to AEEA.

The entry projects can be designed individually or in groups under the tutorship of an architectural school professor.


Filling in the provided competition form will register each entry.

The competition form once filled will be emailed to the competition secretary no later than the Deadline announced in the competition schedule.


The evaluation will consist in two phases:

A Jury held in each architectural school participant to this competition aiming to select 5-15 entries

In this phase the Jury constituency and process will be conducted by each participant architectural school and will aim the selection of 5-15 best projects representing the school at the final jury. Henceforth each school will establish the jury members and selection criteria.

A Final Jury

The final Jury will take place in the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest, Romania. Prizes and Mentions will be established for the best projects entries. The jury’s members will set the selection criteria and evaluation process.

Final Jury Members

  1. Rafael De La-Hoz, Spain - President
  2. Mairie Henry, Ireland
  3. Loughlin Kealy, Ireland
  4. Francois Leclercq, France
  5. Pierre von Meiss, Switzerland
  6. Herman Neuckermans, Belgium
  7. Emil Barbu Popescu, Romania - UAUIM
  8. Leopold Lombard, France - LAFARGE

Competition Manager: Françoise Pamfil, Romania - UAUIM

Note: None of the professors that tutored the entry projects can be a Jury member or competition manager.

Entry Content

  • site plan 1/500 (1/1000)
  • a set of site pictures indicating the intervention zone
  • characteristic sections 1/100 (1/200)
  • all elevations 1/100 (1/200)
  • all plans 1/100 (1/200)
  • relevant perspectives
  • other graphic items that will help a deeper understanding of the proposal

Scale of above compulsory items will be chosen by participants such to best illustrate each case.


HARDCOPY - 2 A1 paper formats (594x840mm). Drawings will use compulsory a PORTRAIT format of the A1. (594mm horizontal and 840mm vertical)

DIGITAL - a CD with a .bmp/jpeg extension (300 dpi) consisting in the two A1 images.


Filling in and sending - via email - the provided registration form confers the student/group of students the quality of recorded participation. Each participant will generate an entry code made out of 6 digits (numbers and letters). The registration form, in a word format with .doc extension, will be named, saved and emailed with this entry code.

Download: registration form.doc

Insuring the Anonymity

Each A1 paper format will display in the right lower corner the code made of 6 digits (numbers and letters) written with a 1cm height ARIAL FONT body text. This code will be marked also on the CD cover, disk itself and folders. This code will be generated by participants themselves once registering and confirmed by organizers through the online participants list.

The same code will be written on the A5 sealed envelope.

In the closed envelope an A4 paper format will state the following:

  • The name and surname of the author (authors). In case of group entries the group leader will be pointed out.
  • The name and surname of the tutor professor
  • The name of the Architectural school were the students (group of students) is enrolled
  • A declaration stating that the invoiced project is original and is conceived by the indicated author(s). In case of group entries the group leader will sign the declaration.

The CD/DVD and the sealed envelope will be introduced in the same packaging and invoiced to the organizers.

Questions and Answers

Competitors may address questions to the international competition secretary, by email, at

They will also receive (at the sent email addresses) the list of all received questions and answers provided by the international competition manager.


  • I – 6000 Euro
  • II – 4000 Euro
  • III – 3000 Euro
  • Mentions – 1000 Euro each

The Jury has the right to convey these prizes or to distribute the prizing fund in another agreed manner.

Results Publication

The international competition results will be communicated to each school that has participants in the competition. The results will be announced as well on the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest www site. A press release will be invoiced to main architectural magazines. It is envisaged An OFFICIAL CATOLOG EDITING with best projects.


The organizers reserve the printing, editing and issuing rights on all projects entries (be it integral of partial) and also the right of organizing exhibitions with the projects. Both the HARDCOPY and DIGITAL formats become property of organizer and consequently they will not be returned to authors. All rights derived form publishing or exhibiting the competition projects are exclusively of organizers. Participation at this international competition represent, implicitly, the acceptance of competition terms by competitors.

Competition Schedule

7 September 2009Competition announcement
20 November 2009Official launching and registration start
20 February 2010 Deadline to receive questions from competitors
20 March 2010Deadline to answer questions
20 April 2010 Deadline of registration
20 October 2010 Architectural Schools Jury deadline
30 October 2010Deadline for Projects arrival at organizers
20-30 January 2011 Final Jury and winners selection
7-21 february 2011Competition Public Exhibition
10-11 february 2011Final Jury dates
12 february 2011Winners announcement
14 march 2011Prizes banktransfer deadline

Contact Addresses

University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest
18-20 Academiei Street, 010014
Bucharest, Sector 1, Romania

Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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