SFA-17 Modelling

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design
2nd Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 2
Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leader:
lect. Ionel Iștoc
Learning outcomes:
The course first proposes to familiarize the students with this new plastic way of expression, with the modeling clay and the necessary instruments. The aim is to develop an interior order, a certain refinery of perception, a training of vision and an education of taste for harmony and non-unintentional expression. At the same time, students will get to know, by study, the major movements in Arts and Architecture, will acquire experience and preference in dealing with tridimensional plastic expression. The intention is to stimulate students’ creativity, their inventiveness and practical abilities. Each activity will be complemented with a beneficial photographic study by means of which the student will trace the effects of light on the created object, while at the same time being able to change the colour of that object and to study it by working on that image on the computer. For a final image, representing the study of the whole year, students will present a portfolio with the photographs of all the objects, with sketches and drawings.
Lectures: 1. Theme 1 will consist of creating a 30cm / 3o cm / 3cm clay plate on which to practice a ordinatory regulator path. This path will found the study of a tridimensional geometrical abstract composition, using a 3-4 distinct plans relief. 2. Theme 2 is an exercise of conceiving a personal volumetric logo. The exercise aims to create an almost abstract composition made up of two or three letters, preferably the student’s name initials. The composition will be asymmetrical, on a 30cm/30 cm plate. 3. Theme 3 will be a four modules composition, mirrored in pairs of two. By repetition, these can compose the facade of a library, a separating wall or the walls of a stove. The composition will start from elements of Antiquity writing and it will be made on a 30cm/30/3 cm plate. 4. Theme 4 will consist of creating a geometrical composition of curved paths, representing a meditation space made up of seven geometrical elements of different heights. The composition will use al least three plans of deepening the relief. 5. Theme 5 will be to conceive a tea cup, eventually with a tea plate and a cover. 6. Theme 6 will be to create a salt-cellar. 7. Theme 7 will be to create an self-portrait.
Teaching Method:
- creating material objects, together with drawings and photographs.
- Average grade for the practical activities - 80% and Mark for personal portfolio -20%
- Arhitectural Design magazine - Arta magazine - Beuaux Arts magazine - the Ghitescu artistic anatomy - the Baraschi sculpture treatise
- the course may have additional adjacent classes; - the course may be extended in terms of length and themes for students of the Product Design Faculty, and practical activities may be differentiated (at some classes there are alternative proposals, depending on the faculty)