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Thomas Panagopoulos: Urban adaptation to climate change: the role of the Landscape Architecture

November 11, 2013

Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 18.30, Council Hall, UAUIM

Abstract: Climate change STSM.doc

In the timeframe 9-16 November 2013 prof. dr. Thomas Panagopoulos, vice-chair of the Research Centre for Spatial and Organisational Dynamics (CIEO), University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, is visiting our university in frame of a “short term scientific mission” in frame of the research network ISCH COST Action IS1101 “Climate Change and Migration: Knowledge, Law and Policy, and Theory”, financed by the European Commission through ESF, with support of the Department of International Relations of the Faculty of Urbanism (assoc. prof. dr. arch. Angelica Stan) and the Master Landscape and Territory (assoc. prof. dr. arch. Cerasella Crăciun, vice-dean) and the Master Urban Design.

The host for the mission is Dr. arch. Maria Bostenaru Dan, Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies and Faculty of Urbanism. Ms. Maria Bostenaru Dan previously visited the centre in September-October 2012 doing research activity about the 1755 Lisbon earthquake the results of which have been presented to the students of the Urban Design Master in frame of the course “Protection of localities against risks” and the publication is object of the discussions in Bucharest at the centre.

Professor Panagopoulos will hold a lecture about the role of the landscape architect/urban planner in the context of design for the mitigation of climate change effects, the abstract of which is attached.

The topic of climate change is common to activities of Maria Bostenaru in frame of another COST targeted network TA1201, genderSTE, in which she is representing the international body of the Marie Curie Fellows Association, in the working group on gender and climate change. More exchange is envisaged in frame of this network and will be advertised in due course.

Apart of this experience exchange will be realised regarding landscape architecture teaching, on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary, with the head of the department assoc. prof. dr. arch. Cristina Enache, and he will take part in activities related to the anniversary of 150 years of architecture teaching.