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Round table on the topic: RIBA Accreditation of the UAUIM Doctoral School of Architecture

November 28, 2022, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

November 24, 2022

Dear professors,

We invite you to participate on
November 28, 2022, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the ROUND TABLE
on the topic: RIBA Accreditation of the UAUIM Doctoral School of Architecture - Objective O1 - UAUIM-FFSCU-2022-005 Project
Domain: I. Increasing the research capacity of UAUIM, as a priority for doctoral schools.

RIBA_DA aims to substantiate the process of validating the Doctoral School of Architecture of UAUIM by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), following the specific procedures. The project is based on the real need to report the complex activity of our doctoral school of architecture to the national standards, but especially to the constantly dynamic international ones, also taking into account the experience gained in the current evaluation by RIBA, of the integrated bachelor's and master's program of the Faculty of Architecture of our university.

The Doctoral School of Architecture, as third cycle of the study program in architecture, mainly aims at the formation of the scientific research skills in the field of architecture, as well as the transfer of these skills in professional practice and in the academic environment. RIBA_DA aims to complete the UAUIM portfolio with an important element both for the recognition of the didactic and professional activity of the teaching staff and for the wide professional opening offered to doctoral students, in connecting their activity to the map of most relevant doctoral programs in European terms.

The RIBA accreditation requirements refer to 'must-have competencies' and 'role levels' in the career and create pathways to specialization and recognition of the profession, based on a robust set of core competencies that architects can follow along a variety of career routes.

The RIBA accreditation of the SDA is also an opportunity to launch a call for performance and exigency to the members of the professional community of doctoral supervisors and doctoral students, within a vision of scientific research that enhances the "arch of the professional career in architecture" and that involves the transfer of knowledge and correlation with relevant themes and requirements at international level.

The discussion will be organized in a mixt format, both in the S2 Room of UAUIM (next to Amphiteatre), and online, on the Zoom platform, at the link:


17.30 Opening speech - the role of RIBA for the study programs of UAUIM Prof. PhD. arch. Marian Moiceanu, rector of UAUIM
17.45 RIBA procedures for PhD studies Prof. David Gloster, former Director of Education at RIBA
18.15 The RIBA_DA project (UAUIM-FFSCU-2022-005) – purpose and objectives Prof. PhD. arch. Anca Mitrache- Director of SDA/ Prof. PhD. arh. Angelica Stan - Director of CSUD
18.30 RIBA accreditation of the Faculty of Architecture, 2022 edition: process milestones Assoc. Prof.PhD.arch. Horia Moldovan – Dean of the Faculty of Architecture
Assoc.Prof.PhD.arch. Letitia Bărbuică - FA responsible for RIBA evaluation process
18.45 Free discussions