NEDIMAH Cross workings group meeting, Bucharest 1-3th of November 2012

3 September, 2012

Key representatives from at least two working group of NEDIMAH will bring together the experiences and knowledge from the workshops being arranged during 2012. By doing so we can start structuring the taxonomy of methods and ICT-tools in digital humanities which is important objective part of the NEDIMAH-network. The work will be a button-up approach using the experiences from the workshop and then mapping methods, procedures, tools, criticism, awareness, challenges and solutions to the eras covered by Time and place working group as well as the Information Visualization working group. This work requires competences and experiences from different fields.

Romania adhered to the NeDiMAH network at the begin of 2012 being represented by the researcher dr. (NEC) arch. Maria BOSTENARU DAN in the steering committee, as representative of the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism. CNCS contributes 3 years with 2500 eur to the funding of the network and wishes the involvement of as many as possible young researchers from the country.

The host in Bucharest will also invite key persons to participate in the meeting, according to the attached list.

Outputs from the meeting will presented to the steering group of NEDIMAH in November 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.

It is proposed that the meeting to be kindly hosted by the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Academiei 18-20, Bucharest, Romania, which will assure the space for plenary lectures and a discussion space in the headquarters in Mihail Moxa street (Centre for Urban and Architectural Studies).

There is mutual interest among the active persons at the host organization to take part of this activity as well as sharing it own experiences. The meeting will be a 3 full day's meeting mainly containing collaborative work but also some rooms for presentations to a wider audience in the Academia.

International invited participants:

  • lect. dr. Orla Murphy, University College din Cork, Ireland (WG2 coordinator)
  • inf. Fredrik Palm, coordonator de cercetare și dezvoltare, Umea University, Sweden (WG2 coordinator and workshop proposal coordinator)
  • Lect. dr. Leif Isaksen, Mphil, Marcheol., Southampton University, UK (WG1 coordinator)
  • Lect. dr. hist. Shawn Day, Digital Humanities Observatory, Ireland (WG1 coordinator)

Travel and airfares for for 4 persons and costs Per-diem for 5 days are requested from the NeDiMAH funds.

Tentative list of Romanian participants:

From the host institution:

  • Cerc. dr. (NEC) arh. Maria Bostenaru Dan (local organiser, steering committee member, WG1 member) – Lisabona 3D, grant taking place in September 2012
  • Conf. dr. arh. Tiberiu Florescu – welcome address; necesity of digital methods in urban planning (GIS)
  • prof. dr. arh. Augustin Ioan – reSITUS (CEEX) project
  • lect. dr. arh. Cristina Enache – “Landscape in the informational aera”
  • asist. dr. urb. Andreea Popa – “Readability of landscape through modern techniques” (WG2 member)
  • drd. arh. Alexandru Calcatinge – “Virtual landscape” (WG2 members)
  • drd. urb. Irina Pață – “The video technique in approaching landscape” (WG1 member)
  • lect. dr. arh. Marina Mihăilă – “3D modeling of the context in architectural design”
  • asist. drd. arh. Irina Moscu, Dan Adrian Ionescu – “Virtual reality in the art of spectacle”
  • asist. Drd. arch. Oana Diaconescu (TBC) – “Museification of archeology”
  • TBD – Digital archives of the Department of History&Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation


  • drd. geogr. Diana Alexandra Gheorghe/University of Bucharest – project “Spatial an temporar patterns in urban vulneraility”
  • sculptor Alexandru Nancu/HAR foundation – salvART project (asist. dr. restaurator Cristina Serendan/National University of Arts TBC)
  • ing. Marian Rădoi/ICOMOS (TBC) – 3D survey of the Brâncuși assembly in Târgu Jiu
  • TBD – the role of the digital component in cultural projects of AFCN/Ministry of culture

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