Guy Lafranchi conference

Online, 11th of April 2022, 14:30

March 28, 2022

Organizer: Assoc. Prof. Phd. Arch. Oana Diaconescu, Faculty of Interior Architecture

Guy Lafranchi

Born 1966 in Bern. Education in architecture at the ETH Zurich, diploma 1994. Since 1995 privately employed, Atelier Guy Lafranchi Bern. Since 1995, collaboration with Lebbeus Woods (1940–2012). Since 2006 Director of, Bern (Research Institute for Experimental Architecture). Since 2006 Professor of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Bern, specializing in design and innovation processes.

Glad Ltd. (Guy Lafranchi Applied Design), since 2010, is an internationally active architecture and design studio based in Bern, Switzerland, a design consulting platform for planning, architecture and design processes as well as design communication. The is collaborative network of meanwhile 12 companies covering different disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, furniture design, interactive design, digital fabrication, branding and experience space design.

In addition to numerous publications in magazines and periodicals, Guy Lafranchi has presented his work internationally in the form of exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Among others: Bartlett School of Architecture London, Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI Rotterdam, Aedes Gallery Berlin, Milan Furniture Fair, Eindhoven University of Technology, Technical University Berlin, School of Architecture Lund Sweden, University of Alicante, Kunsthalle Malmö Sweden, University Malmö, University of Oslo, Politecnico Torino, City University Hong Kong, Penn State University USA, Cooper Union NY.