UAUIMEventsIntegrated Planning and Design Studio - Landscape and Urbanism / ERASMUS Intensive Programme 2013
ERASMUS Intensive Programme 2013
Teaching Integrated Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Peripheries in Europe
Integrated Planning and Design Studio - Landscape and Urbanism

Perspectives for the Urban Periphery:
From Văcărești Lake to Popești-Leordeni

The "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism and the Faculty of Urban Planning will host an EU-funded intensive design studio from March 23 to April 7 2013. Teachers and students from Belgium, Estonia and Germany will visit the faculty during this period. The participants have different academic backgrounds ranging from landscape planning to urban design and architecture. This programme aims to explore the urban periphery from various perspectives and to draw up sustainable future scenarios. It is expected that this interdisciplinary cooperation will produce innovative solutions to the planning, design and management of dispersed and fragmented areas in urban fringe zones. The south-eastern periphery of Bucharest will be the first case study for this integrated approach. The focus will be on the area between Văcărești Lake and Popești-Leordeni along the river Dâmbovița. Competing interests of housing, agriculture, industry, traffic, nature protection, water management, recreation and various other sectors will need to be balanced.

Coordination: HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen, IMLA Study Programme
General coordinator: Dipl.-Ing. Ellen Fetzer, e-mail:

Local coordinator and contact person at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism: dr. Gabriel Pascariu, e-mail:

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