Bucium Summer University

Call for participants at the IX-th edition, July 31 – August 15 2021
Published 15 June, 2021, last update 20 July, 2021

UdV Programme.pdf

The project is financed by The Order of Romanian Architects by The Architecture Stamp 2020

The period of deployment: Saturday, July 31 – Sunday, August 15 2021

Organiser: RPER Association

Partners: OAR Alba, INP, UAUIM-FA, UAUIM-FAI, CESI, UBB-FG, The Bucium Town Hall, Baia Domnilor Association, Cluj Guided Tours Associations, Igloo Magazine, Arhitectura Magazine (UAR)

Place of deployment: Bucium county, district of Alba (Apuseni mountains, near Roșia Montană)

Places for students: 12 (8 Architecture students, especially 2nd cycle, Post-University or Ph.D., 2 Geography, 2 Philology -CESI), 20 places for online participants

Purpose: knowledge, protection, promotion of the cultural heritage of the Bucium county (composed out of 30 villages) through interdisciplinary activities and with the involvement of local communities

Practical activities: on site and at the Summer University seat (investigation, architecture surveys, landscape and touristic potential studies, photographic documentation, image study, workshops etc.). The collected information will be processed in order to be presented in the final exhibition of the summer university and in the heritage repertoire „Rural Patrimony of Bucium – VII-th Notebook” (see Repertoire Notebooks I-VI at: http://rper.ro/publicatii.php)

Theoretic/didactic activities: lectures and debates


  • Workshop for producing wooden tiles (șindrilă) in traditional techniques
  • Workshop of rehabilitation of some traditional bread ovens
  • Restoration Project of a historical monument: The Cross of the Bishop Andrei Șaguna
  • Architectural survey of a historical monument: „Saint Archangels” Church from Izbita village
  • Rehabilitation/ interior design proposal for two traditional houses
  • Tourism workshop: initiation and promotion of some thematic itineraries and some networks of touristic services that inhabitants can offer, valuing the discoveries within the previous summer university editions
  • Workshop of image study and exploration/exploitation of online media

The 2021 edition of the Summer University will have as well an online component, consisting in:

  • Webinar, online conferences;
  • Possibility to participate virtually to the major events of the Summer University (opening, closing, presentations of the projects realized by the participants)
  • Possibility of realizing a study on the mentioned themes by working at distance in multinational teams

There is a limited number of places for online participants. Students wishing to register should write at the following address: imuau_relations@yahoo.com.

The detailed programme will be published in the periodic „Presentation Notebook of the Patrimony of Bucium”, UdV Bucium 2021.


  • Iozefina Postăvaru – art historian, National Institute of Patrimony, Bucharest
  • Codina Dușoiu – Assoc.prof.Ph.D. architect, UAUIM Bucharest
  • Mihaela Lazar - Assist.prof.Ph.D. architect, UAUIM Bucharest, adjunct coordinator of the Summer University
  • Cristina Bolog – Senior lecturer Ph.D. geographer „Babeș-Bolyaiˮ University Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Geography
  • Octavian Mănoiu - architect

Coordinator: Ștefana Bianu, engineer, President RPER-France

President RPER-Romania: Ph.D. archaeologist Ioana Bogdan-Cătăniciu

Participation Conditions:

Organizers will ensure logistics of all activities of the Bucium Summer University, will support the cost of accommodation, meals and transport during the event and will obtain the equivalation of the participation at Bucium 2021 Summer University as university practice (upon requirement of the students).

Participants will come by themselves to the meeting points for the journey to Bucium (in Bucharest, Cluj etc.) and will support the cost of a medical insurance and the 500 lei tax (of which 100 lei will be paid into the RPER account immediately after confirmation of admission at Bucium 2021 Summer University , and 400 lei at the beginning of the edition).

The development of Bucium 2021 Summer University will take into account all conditions imposed by the authorities for public cultural meetings. A session for the instruction upon health and work safety during the activities of the Summer School, including specific measures for Covid-19 protection, will be organized.

Bucium 2021 Summer University tutors and specialists coming on site will provide the proof of their anti-Covid-19 vaccination.

Bucium 2021 Summer University students will provide the proof of their anti-Covid-19 vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test realized in the last 72 hours before the beginning of the Summer University (31.07.2021).

Registration (only for physical participation):

Registration Form UdV Bucium 2021 en.docx

Please send the Registration Form (Fișa de înscriere) attached to this announce, digitally fulfilled and questions, if the case, to all the 3 addresses mentioned below:

  • RPER:rper.romania@yahoo.com
  • Mihaela Lazăr:mihaela.lazar@uauim.ro
  • Codina Dușoiu: imuau_relations@yahoo.com


June 7-30, 2021: transmission of completed Registration Form

July 3, 2021: announcement of the selected participants

July 15, 2021: payment of the first tranche of the participation fee and announcement of the detailed programme