Workshop Dealu Frumos

March 15, 2006

As a result of the initiative of some young teachers of the UAUIM and of Javier de Cárdenas y Chavarri, Professor, Ph.D.Arch. from the Technical Superior School of Architecture from Madrid, Spain, we started the organiztion of the first Hispano-Romanian Restoration Workshop that will take place in Dealu Frumos (Transilvania, Romania) between 9-20 of July 2006. The workshop will enjoy the presence of some well-known specialists of restoration from Romania and abroad and will consist in conferences dedicated to specific problems of restoration of medieval architecture and practical activities concerning the German fortified citadels of Transilvania and especially the citadel of Dealu Frumos.

The workshop is conceived mainly for the students of the Superior Technical School of Architecture from Madrid and for the 4th and 5th year students of the UAUIM, which will have this activity equated with their summer practice in 2006. In special cases we will accept the participation of students from other faculties, interested in the field of restoration.

The number of places is limited because of the accomodation conditions in Dealu Frumos (18 places for students).

If interested please contact us so you will in order to be put on a waiting list.

Download preliminary program: Fisier DOC dealu-frumos-preliminary-program.doc

Registration form: Fisier DOC formular-dealu-frumos.doc

See a 360 degrees panoramic view of Dealu Frumos/Schonberg here:

Thank you,
Codina Dușoiu, Assistant Professor Arch. -
Beatrice Jöger, Lecturer Arch. -