Mazzocchioo#5. The premises of an ideal city. Govora Baths

May 16, 2019

The architectural internet journal Mazzocchioo has started the flow of published articles of issue #5.

In the nineteenth century, the ideal city suddenly required remoteness, isolation from the new features of the metropolis dominated by industrialization: increased density, pollution, accelerated urban population growth and loss of the human scale of the urban territory. These desires have found echoes throughout the century through the establishment of thermal towns. Govora Baths is one of them. Through a series of analysis of the Govora Baths, MZCH#5 calls into play the potential of the ideal city that may still be inherent in such urban structures and the architecture that composes them.

MZCH#5 is based on analysis and conclusions of an academic research carried out within the diploma projects and dissertations of students Radu Tîrcă and Ștefania Hîrleață under the guidance of Lecturer Dr. Simion Simion, lecturer Irina Tulbure and Ilinca Paun Constantinescu, in the academic year 2018- 2019. The research is based on documenting drawings, reveals and images of the present state of the existing built heritage in Băile Govora, a Romanian spa resort.

In the eight weeks to come, MZCH#5 will alternate ( the architectural and urban analysis of the built heritage of Govora Baths (Monday and Tuesday) with the generous contributions (Thursday) of our guests who will answer our polemic invitations to debate the implied untold layers of the vast concept of the Ideal City in relation to: ideal architecture – Renato Rizzi; fashion – Filipe Magalhães (FALA); anachronism – Akos Moravansky; ideal architecture –Jeannette Kuo; demographics – Ilinca Păun Constantinescu; systematization – Irina Tulbure; ideal society – Cătălin Ștefănescu; monastery – Mother Ambrosia; artistic thought – Radu George Serafim.