The Second Hispano-Romanian Restoration Workshop

September 24, 2007

Boceguillas, Madrid 12-21 of July 2007

As an effect of the international workshop referring to "Fortified Saxon Churches from Transylvania - A Chance for their Future" organized by UAUIM in Dealu Frumos and Bucharest in July 2006, the Technical Superior School of Architecture from Madrid took the initiative to invite this year two teachers and 15 students from our University at the summer school organized by CIAT (Centro de Investigación para la Arquitectura Tradicional). CIAT is the perfect correspondent of the Centre of Studies for Vernacular Architecture from Dealu Frumos and Boceguillas is a Segovian village with lots of life and identity, a true brother of the settlement from Transilvania. Actually it intends to officially develop this relation at the level of local administration.

Several professors of the ETSAM (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) gave conferences within the summer school. We mention among them: Javier de Cárdenas y Chavarri, Santos Garcia Álvarez , Jaime de Hoz Onrubia, José Miguel Merino de Cáceres, Fernando Vela Cossío, Luis Maldonado Ramos, David Rivera Gámez, Antonio Vela Cossío. The Romanian participation was in charge of Beatrice Jöger and Elena-Codina Dușoiu from the IMAU.

We are glad about the long term relation that developed between ETSAM and UAUIM, pointing out common cultures and mentalities.