Vicente Guallart Conference

May 18, 2018

June 5th 2018, UAUIM Council Hall

“Advanced ecological buildings. Reinventing how we design and make architecture”, conference lecture by
Vicente Guallart
Founder & Principal | Guallart Architects
Director | Lab GSU Moscow
Founder | IAAC Barcelona
Valldaura Project for the Self-sufficiency
Chief Architect Barcelona (2011-15)
Chair advisory board Atlas of the future

The lecture will be on June 5th 2018 at 1 p.m. and organized within Architectural Design Theory Course SP 4th & 5th year UAUIM with the support of iaaC Barcelona.

We are waiting for you,
Synthesis of Architectural Design Department UAUIM & International Academic Relations Office UAUIM
Ionuț Anton , lect.dr.arhitect SP UAUIM
Marina Mihăilă , lect.dr.arhitect SP UAUIM
Mihaela Zamfir , lect.dr.arhitect SP UAUIM
Magda Stănculescu , conf.dr.arhitect Director SP UAUIM
& Daniel Comșa , conf.dr.arhitect Director RAI UAUIM