“20 Architectural Experiences” - Call for papers

Deadline for abstracts: June 25th, 2023

Published May 6, 2023, last update June 22, 2023

The conference aims to celebrate 20 years since the Faculty of Interior Architecture foundation, gathering academics, professionals and profile institutions in order to debate the new paradigm of architecture, urbanism and design in an interdisciplinary and interconnected perspective.


Architectural Education

Architectural education is a flexible yet complex field of study, therefore defining its limits and methods represents a challenge for academics and researchers alike.

TOPICS: the roles of curricula, artificial intelligence (AI) challenges, teaching methodologies, tendencies of the architectural profession and interdisciplinarity.

PURPOSES: creating an international strategic network, encouraging the exchange of methodologies and educational research, and debating visions on the further development of the academic field in architecture, urban planning and design.

Conference moderators: Lecturer arch. Daniel N. Armenciu (Faculty of Interior Architecture), Assoc. Prof. arch. Bogdan Fezi (Faculty of Architecture) and Prof. arch. Angelica Stan (Faculty of Urban Planning)

Secretary: Lecturer. arch. Cristina Maria Chira

e-mail: s1.20experiences@gmail.com

Perception on Architecture

Space can be decoded through senses, generating connections between human beings, their needs, uses and the built environment, therefore research on this topic is indispensable.

TOPICS: universal design, healing architecture, the use of senses in understanding architecture, arguments on bio-architecture (wellbeing, biophilia, eco-design, etc.) and a cultural approach to sustainability.

PURPOSES: integrating the human being in the narrative of the architectural and urban design process.

Conference moderators: Lecturer arch. Codruța Iana (Faculty of Interior Architecture), Lecturer arch. Mihaela Zamfir (Faculty of Architecture) and Prof. arch. Rodica Eftenie (Faculty of Urban Planning)

Secretary: Assist. arch. Alexandra Stan

e-mail: s2.20experiences@gmail.com

Techniques and Technology in Architecture

This section encourages discussions on threats and opportunities arising along with the fast development of technology applied in buildings’ design.

TOPICS: smart cities, urban resilience, limits of technology in architecture, architectural vulnerabilities, architecture at risk and the importance of technology applied on buildings’ design (sustainability, circular economy concepts, BIM technologies, VR and digitalization, etc.), technical details integration.

PURPOSES: negotiating the balance between the latest technological developments and their integration into the creative architectural design process.

Conference moderators: Assoc. Prof. arch. Codina Dușoiu (Faculty of Interior Architecture), Lecturer arch. Monica Mureșanu (Faculty of Architecture) and Assoc. Prof. arch. Claudiu Runceanu (Faculty of Urban Planning)

Secretary: Assist. int. arch. Roxana Mitarcă

e-mail: s3.20experiences@gmail.com

Monuments and Historical Traces

Given the fact that the built heritage is at risk due to a lack of knowledge, interest and preservation, this section wants to highlight studies, research and design projects which are looking not only into the regeneration of the urban tissue but also into regaining the lost identity of the place.

TOPICS: archaeological remains, heritage, disappeared artifacts, traces of war, reuse, restoration and conservation, urban archaeology, archaeological risk charts, landscape heritage, urban transformations.

PURPOSES: understanding and integrating heritage in the collective knowledge of the city, the use of memory in recreating the dialogue between built remains, communities and landscapes.

Conference moderators: Assoc. Prof. arch. Oana Diaconescu (Faculty of Interior Architecture), Assoc. Prof. arch. Horia Moldovan (Faculty of Architecture) and Assoc.Prof. arch. Mihaela Hărmănescu (Faculty of Urban Planning)

Secretary: Assist. int. arch. Mihaela Cecilia Lazăr

e-mail: s4.20experiences@gmail.com

Re-Imagining Design

Design has always been a complex phenomenon encompassing not only a diverse intersection of art, engineering, and architecture but also highlighting the need of constantly redefining the profession of the designer.

TOPICS: design interdisciplinarity, design history, product and industrial design, graphic design, design methodologies, design thinking, social innovation through design, democratic design, Human centered design, universal design, inclusive design, BIM modelling, GIS.

PURPOSES: redefine the role of the designer and the way this profession can shape the future through the use tools, techniques and knowledge.

Conference moderators: Assist. designer Bogdan Ioniță (Faculty of Interior Architecture), Lecturer arch. Mihnea Simiraș (Faculty of Architecture) and Lecturer urb. Ana Opriș (Faculty of Urban Planning)

Secretary: Assist. arch. Alexandra Dunel

e-mail: s5.20experiences@gmail.com

Conference Keynote Speakers

Round Table

The panels will be followed by a round table associated to each section, moderated by:

Conference Guests

Important Dates


Specialists in the field, professors, PhD students and profile associations are invited to present their elaborates. The participation intentions, accompanied by the title of the lecture, a text containing max. 300 words in English, a short biography – max. 150 words and a photo, are expected by 17th of June at each section e-mail address. The text should be written only in English.

The abstract and full-papers will be double peer-reviewed.

After receiving the abstract’s acceptance, authors should submit the extended paper (2,500 words and 6 images) for publication. Instructions for editing the extended paper will be available after acceptance of the abstract.

Scientific Committee


Main coordinator:

Assoc. prof. arch. Oana Diaconescu – Dean of the Faculty of Interior Architecture

Local coordinator:

Lecturer arch. Daniel Nicolae Armenciu – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Interior Architecture


Assist. int. arch. Roxana Mitarcă, Assist. arch. Alexandra Stan, Lecturer. arch. Cristina Maria Chira, Assist. int. arch. Mihaela Cecilia Lazăr, Assist. arch. Alexandra Dunel.

Visual identity:

Assist. designer Bogdan Ioniță.

Organizing institution: Faculty of Interior Architecture, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning


Early bird registration fees, until 10th of August 2023:
80 Euro - PhD Students
120 Euro - others
Standard fees, from 10th of August until 20th of September 2023:
120 Euro - PhD Students
170 Euro - others
UAUIM members:
35 Euro - PhD Students and others

In the case of multi-author contributions, at least one fee is required for the publication of each contribution. Authors must confirm their participation by paying the participation fee.

The students (including Master and PhD) participating to the conference (with paper presentation) will be rewarded with a Certificate of 5 ECTS credits.


Section 1 | Architectural Education
e-mail: s1.20experiences@gmail.com
Section 2 | Perception on Architecture
e-mail: s2.20experiences@gmail.com
Section 3 | Techniques and Technology in Architecture
e-mail: s3.20experiences@gmail.com
Section 4 | Monuments and Historical Traces
e-mail: s4.20experiences@gmail.com
Section 5 | Re-Imagining Design
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