Entry requirements

The applicants for all the Degree programmes should pass a qualification test, focused on drawing skills and/or basic knowledge in the field of study. The requirements vary according to the course profile and level. For further information, candidates are advised to consult the webpages of the respective Schools.

Admission exams are held in July and September.

The international applicants for Romanian taught courses are expected to have completed the preparatory year of learning Romanian language and to attest their proficiency at least at B2 level.

The applicants for the Architecture English taught course (6 years of full-time study) are expected to pass an English language proficiency test or to demonstrate an English language qualification at international level B2 or higher by one of the following proficiency certificates: FCE (B2 level), CAE (C1 level), CAMBRIDGE PROFICIENCY (C2 level), TOEFL score 45, IELTS band 5 (B2 level), ECL (B2 level), FIDES (B2 level). For this course, the qualification test is held in English.

Tuition Fees

For each Degree programme, several subsidized seats are allocated for national and EU students. There are also additional seats for self-supported fee-based students. The tuition fee is the same for national and EU students.

The non-EU nationals are usually accepted only as fee-based students. They can also apply for study grants and scholarships offered by the Romanian Government.

Study in Romanian

If you are interested to study a Romanian taught programme, go to https://www.uauim.ro/admitere/

Study in English

If you are interested to study the Architecture English taught programme, go to https://architecture.uauim.ro