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The IP-project’s primary objective is to reconnect into a common operational process urban design and planning within the original geological and morphological identities of a specific region and a common unity of a transformed humanized landscape.

  • Inside this scenario, infrastructures, as a territorial and long distance lines, will be explored as far as their sustainable role is concerned to support mobility into a multimodal way, assuming the regional railway as backbone of old and new urbanization.
  • New roles and centralities will be searched for peripheral and dismissed areas on the outskirts of urban centres for the revitalization of scattered housing and former dismissed industrial districts.
  • Strategies will be explored for the designing of an architecture characterized by a low energy and natural resources consuming, for housing, facilities and open spaces.

Target groups: The IP will be offered to students belonging to the last year of study of the first level and to the students of the specialization final degree.

Main activities and expected outputs: Architectural projects at a building scale, both in a planning layout and detailed in their relation to sites, areas and public spaces will represent the collective and individual product of the IP.

Perioada desfasurare: 3 ani universitari, incepand din septembrie 2007

Data de incepere: 03.03.2008; durata: 2 saptamani

Universitatea gazda: Politecnico di Milano – Facoltà di Architettura Civile, Italia - coordonator: Prof. Mario FOSSO

Alte universitati participante:

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