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Provocări viitoare

Autor: Cristian BADESCU
Atelier: prof.dr.arh. Georgica MITRACHE
An univ. 2017-2018
Fac. de Arhitectura, Dep. Sinteza de Proiectare, an 5, sem. 2
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Workshopul organizat de RIBA (Polyark):

The (self)imposed challenge of the brief was finding a feasible way to take an activity that is widely regarded as dangerous and restricted accordingly, and to implement it within the urban fabric as a high quality public space. The idea of a park presented itself at quite an early stage in the design process – its intrinsic tranquillity acting as a counterweight to the rumble and violence of a rocket. The Mountain and the Lake were also a natural consequence of the need to design limits and safe zones only through the alteration of the landscape. Furthermore, in a city like Bucharest, where the natural topography has been almost completely flattened out in recent history, a man-made mountain would undoubtedly act as a point of interest.

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