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Provocări viitoare

Autor: Ana DINCA
Atelier: prof.dr.arh. Georgica MITRACHE
An univ. 2017-2018
Fac. de Arhitectura, Dep. Sinteza de Proiectare, an 5, sem. 2
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Workshopul organizat de RIBA (Polyark):

The project adresses what will sports mean in the future and the impact of these changes in the way we spend our free time. Baneasa has a strong tradition when it comes to sports, from the first Velodrome to the famous Baneasa Hippodrome,the capital’s northern area has been rich in outdoor activities. Dedicated to gyrocopters racing competitions,The Girodrome was designed as a continous line that would link the existing urban tissue with the interventions we suggested through our masterplan,as beads on a thread. Four tribunes are located along the main racing track,linked by a local tram that servers as mean of transportation both for the locals and the spectators. The tribune’s sloped volumed was elevated from the ground in order to create a public piazza, whereas, on the opposite side, the roof was designed to be part of the park. Under the tribunes, between the large Vierendeel beams, the scenario switches from one case to another. On the sides are located the offices, and between them, a core with public functions that vary depending on the tribune’s position along the track. In this way, between the structural layers, one can find a flower market, a cinema, a library,a showroom for flying objects and so on.

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