UT-157 One day project (3.2)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
3rd Year, sem 2, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: - | ECTS Credits: 1
Urban Planning and Territorial Development
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh Florin Mureșanu
Learning outcomes:

Acquiring the specific strategical planning instruments (SWOT analysis, diagnosis, mission, vision, intervention strategy) and operational planning (intervention policy, programs, projects), through the elaboration of design exercise on small and medium size areas from Bucharest
 Applying the knowledge gained during the Planning and legislation course and urban planning project, keeping the time limits and guidance in account
 The use of concept, study and detail sketches in the design process, as the main tool


One day project 1 - strategic planning
One day project 2 - operational planning
One day project 3 - strategic and operational planning

Teaching Method:

no didactic guidance


promotion according to the design activities regulation