ST-71 Urban and Equipment Design Planning

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
3rd Year, sem 1, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
Technical Sciences
Course Leader: Alexandru Iatan
Teaching Staff:
lector dr. ing. Alexandru IATAN, sef lucrari dr. ing. Elena IATAN
Learning outcomes:

The main objective is to offer the general information for the urban conformation due to the comfort equipments restrictions and the pathways.


The main objective is to offer the general information for the urban conformation due to the comfort equipments restrictions and the pathways.The importance of underground urban infrastructure arrangements, their interdisciplinary character and the inter-relationship with the urban development, ensuring the viability of the land on which human settlements are to be built (civil, industrial, tertiary) and improving the human settlements impact over the environment.
Groundwater and surface water sources. Surface water management.
Private and public water sources: history, water quality, water quantities for different uses, water supply schemes, water capture, treatment, transport, storage and distribution;
Water intake sanitary protection zones, buildings and installations for the water supply system.
Sewage and rainwater drainage. Sewerage systems and schemes. Severe urban conditions. The structure of the sewerage system and the possibilities of improvements.
Wastewater treatment. Treatment technologies and systems.
Urban waste management: collection, transport, ecological storage, incineration stations.
Fuel gas supply. Natural gas supply and distribution systems.
Heat and cold supply. Local, central and district heating and cooling systems. Cogeneration and trigeneration systems.
Power supply. Medium / low voltage distribution networks. Little currents networks for data and automation.
Urban street lighting, pedestrian, decorative, architectural
Coordination of technical networks. Urban utilities vault. Access to subterranean public utility equipment
Underground systematization.
Trends in the technical and urban equipment of the territory and localities. The concept of sustainable settlements. The concept of ecological settlements
Case study for the water distribution system- <5.000 citizens.
Case study for the water distribution system- >80.000 citizens.
Solution study for the heating system using a cogeneration heater and optimal piping systems.
Case study for the electrical urban voltage systems.
System integration for the equipment's necessities using a certain urban area.
Cost-efficiency analysis for the modern systems. Renewable energy systems.
Comparison study between two urban examples. Paris/Madrid technical conformation.

Teaching Method:

Presentations, lectures and case studies.


Written paper at the end of the semester - 10 questions to be answered, each rated with a maximum of 1 point


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***Permanent, experimental and recommended standards and codes .