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UT-74 GIS Elements

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Landscape Design and Planning
3rd Year, sem 2, 2019-2020 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 2
Urban Planning and Territorial Development
Course Leaders:
asist.dr.urb. Matei Cocheci Antonio Tache
Learning outcomes:

1. Understanding the role of Geographical Informational Systems in urban and territorial planning, in the context of the current Romanian legislation.

2. Developing capabilities regarding the management and analysis of spatial data used in urban and territorial planning.


1. Introduction - geographical informational systems.
2. GIS Aspects. Digital representations - characteristics, properties, types.
3. The position of GIS in urban planning - studies for urban and territorial planning documentations; useful data and indicators; Local Urban Planning Regulations; possible GIS applications.
4. GIS applications in territorial planning - Corine Land Cover data; determining the influence areas of cities.
5. WebGIS - CartoDB application.
6. The city in the information era - examples of GIS use.
7. GeoICT services in territorial planning.

Practical workshops:
1. Presenting the QGIS software - basis functions, visualizing and editing, print composer.
2. Selection, editing and visualization in QGIS - selection query; attribute table; field calculator; labels.
3. Creating new elements in QGI - new shapefile ; point / line / polygon ; attaching CSV files (attributes); creating new data from existing shapefiles.
4. Application 1: local level - Open Street Map ; Comparing the existing situation with territorial reference units.
5. Application 2: territorial level - using Corine Land Covver data; reclassification.
6 - 7. Individual practical application.

Teaching Method:

PowerPoint presentations. Working in parallel with the students in the QGIS software.


25 % Overall activity
25 % Theoretical written exam
50 % Individual practical application


Nițu, C., (2004), ”Sisteme informaționale geografice”, Editura Universitară București.
Online documentation - QGIS software.

Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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