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CP-23 Foreign Languages (4)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Landscape Design and Planning
2nd Year, sem 2, 2019-2020 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2S | ECTS Credits: 1
History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation
Course Leader:
conf.dr. Luminița Petrulian
Teaching Staff:

conf.dr.Luminita Petrulian
conf.dr.Magda Teodorescu
lect.Valentina Negritescu

Learning outcomes:

To develop and strengthen their skills of both oral and written communication;
To fully use the vocabulary of their profession to be;
To be able to carry out team work in order to present a project


Standard language and language on specific purposes for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian for foreigners

Teaching Method:

Techniques for teaching foreign languages


Students will get a mark for their own work and one for their capacity of working within a team


Grammars, dictionaries, anthologies, handouts, video films and audio tapes, pictures, newspapers


Some changes due to students' linguistic competence may occur

Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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