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PID-42 Arhitecture Studio (6)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
3rd Year, sem 2, 2019-2020 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+9P | ECTS Credits: 14
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh. Mihaela Staicu
Teaching Staff:

conf. dr. arh. Beatrice Joger, lect. dr. arh. Mihaela Staicu, dr. arh. Adina Dinescu, arh. Romeo Simiraș, arh. Astrid Rottman, drd. arh. int. Teodora Utto,

Learning outcomes:

1. Introduction in new architectural program
2. To accommodate with the work in the real sites and with some new and complex architectural programs such as a profesional kitchen can be
3. Add a new kind of a project approach by doing an anthropological and social investigation in order to decide the proper profile and interior decoration of the projects ongoing;
4. Understanding the role of the related technical projects and on theirs solutions impact in the management of the interior architectural project;
5. Being able to work within a study team;
6. To operate the distinction between a top interior design and an ordinary one by selecting the most suitable finishing and furnishing elements and the required dimensions;
7. To prepare in the end a good public speaking in order to support the project presentation în front of a jury;
8. To perform selecting and completing the given bibliography.


Project 1 – P6. 1 – A Restaurant and a Professional Kitchen în Pullman Hotel
Project 2 - P5. 2 – A Concept Store with a choosen profile în mall AFI
Project without guinding - Three one day project on themes correlated with the main one

Teaching Method:

The theme is presented by theoretical lectures and multimedia presentations for the entire year. In workshops, each student benefits of a continous supervising and guiding throught individual and colective analysis of the various steps of the projects. Of main importance is considered to be individual files research, site visit, anthropological inquiry, market of specific products investigation, sketches, models, case analysis and last but not list, bibliographic exploration.


Individual presentation of the project in front of the jury and colleagues correlated with the presence and activity within the studio.


ARNHEIM, Rudolf – Art and Visual Perception: a Psychology of the Creative eye - the new version , University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, 1997
ARNHEIM, Rudolf – Forța centrului vizual: Un Studiu al Compoziției în Artele Vizuale, Polirom, Iași, 2012
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MOLDOVANU, Mihai – Designul Interior al Spațiului Comercial – teză de doctorat UAUIM, București, 2012
NEUFERT, Ernst – Manualul Arhitectului, Editura Alutus, 2004
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TODOROV, Tzvetan – Viața comună: eseu de antropologie generală, Editura Humanitas, București, 2009

Architectural review, a+u, detail,
L’architecture d’aujourd’hui, techniques & architecture;

Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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