PID-40 Arhitecture Studio (4)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
2nd Year, sem 2, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+9P | ECTS Credits: 14
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh Oana Diaconescu
Teaching Staff:
lect,dr.arh. Adina Dinescu, Mihaela Lazăr, lect.dr.arh. Marian Iliescu, Roxana Mitarcă
Learning outcomes:

- The study focuses on the functional and spatial solution of mixed programs, by designing existing spaces in the city based on specific requirements
- Acquiring different architectural space delimitation procedures
- Representing and reconfiguring an interior architectural environment


PROJECT 1 – Project with guidance - 8 ECTS
The interior designt of an apartment and a commercial space in a building located in the historic center of Bucharest
PROJECT 2 – Project with guidance - 5 ECTS
Interventions in an urban passage
SKETCH EXAM – 2 projects of 6 hours and you have the chance to emprove your grade with one more project called a remake, project without guidance
With this exam we are looking for a notion synthesis of the ongoing projects into a conceptual sketch.

Teaching Method:

Theoretical presentations, panel submissions. individual corrections, guidance during the project, the elaboration of documentation and their presentation, studies based on models and three-dimensional models
- the guidence will continue during the study
- we will also have individual and panel corrections


During the project we will have panel evaluations (30% of the final grade)
Active participation during the workshop (10% of the final grade)
Final evaluation (60of the final grade) – you will be admitted into this evaluation only if you have a minimum of ½ of the total number of corrections


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- Constantin, Paul - Culoare, Artă, Ambient, Ed. Meridiane, București, 1979
- Dâmboianu, Anton - Ambient – Teoria Arhitecturii (note de curs U.A.U.I.M.)
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- xxx - L’enciclopedie de la decoration, Editions Denoel, Paris, 1962
- Reviste (colecții): Arhitecture D’aujourd’hui, Arhitectural record, Decoration,
Domus, Interior Design, Japan architect, Maison Francaise