PID-37 Arhitecture Studio (1)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
1st Year, sem 1, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+9P | ECTS Credits: 14
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh Cristia Chira
Teaching Staff:
arh. Cristia Chira, arh. int. Marilena Negulescu, arh. Arthur O'Looney
Learning outcomes:

- Introduction to the basic vocabulary of interior architecture
- Understanding the spatial organization of dwelling
- Ability to conceive spatial configurations that satisfy structural, functional and aesthetical requirements.
- Understand the finishing materials, lighting problem and their appropriate use.
- Ability to design and furnish a home with a medium complexity.


- Analysis of a house designed in the 20th century accompanied by the development of model diagrams of study: structure, circulation, function, etc..
- Proposal for an simple function (eg entrance pavilion for an argeological site)

Teaching Method:

Lecture accompanied by digital images followed by individual and guided development of drawings accompanied by study models.


Jury. Each project receive a mark.


- Mc Morrrough, Julia, Materials, Structures, Standards, Rockport Publishers, Inc., 2007
- Ching, D. Francis, Form Space Order, John Wley and Sons Publishers, New Jersey, 2007
- Meiss, von Pierre, De la cave au toit, Presses polytehniques et universitaires romandes, 1991