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The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design

SFA-14 | Visual Communications

Department: Study of Form and Ambience
Course Leaders:
lect.dr. Mihaela Staicu (D5)
lect. Mihaela Staicu (I5)
Learning outcomes:
The study of the visual space as an expression of visual communication. One follows the way elements of visual can be similarly defined to the hieroglyph, the ideogram, and the letter. The visual space is approached as physiologic image, also as projection on the retina of the external reality as well as psychological impression connected to the communication capacities of the external reality.
The titles of the courses :

1 Communication problems
2 The relation linguistics and visual
3 Methods to evaluate the image
4 Theoretical aspects about communication and visual perceptions
5 Forms perception problems
6 Colors perception problems
7 Visual language elements relation to the bidimensional composition
8 Visual language elements relation to the three-dimensional composition
9 Redefining the terms: composition, point, counter-point
10 Redefining the terms: rhythm, symmetry, harmony, visual field
11 Redefining the terms: kinetics, relations, proportions, cadence, optic corrections
12 Relations between the real and virtual image
13 Relations between the static and dynamic image
14 Formal invariants
Teaching Method:
Slides course and visual processing on computer
- test
- essay
MUNARI Bruno, François MOLNAR, Rudolf ARNHEIN, Anthony HILL, Lawrence E. ANDERSON, Stanislaw ULAM, Richard P.LOHSE, Arthur LOEB, René HUYGES, Gyorgy KEPES
Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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