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Introduction to Architectural Design

Director: conf.dr.arh. Mihai Ene

The design curriculum in the first year has been totally rethought in the last times. Especially following the simplification of the entrance exam, the first year is seen as a decisive moment for the students.

On the one hand, the first year represents a first "apprenticeship" stage, in what concerns the apprehension of space and form, of the specific expressive means along with the means of representation in architectural design. This means that the ways these targets are reached, and the students are transmitted the basics of the three-dimensional thinking and of the mastering of space and volume, are considered of great importance. Several "compositional exercises", aiming at the awareness and manipulation of plan, volume, space, rhythm, grid, colour, etc., have been conceived. They are paralleled and helped by the complementary exercises offered by the Study of Form and Ambience Department. The playful aspect is taken into consideration, too; students are invited to "play" with these architectural means, guided by the teaching body, in order to test their use.

On the other hand, the first year is considered a year of selection, a more relevant selection than an entrance/admission exam. That is why there are two "competition" projects, one in each semester; their results condition the admission in the sophomore cycle.

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Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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