Actualizat: 22 septembrie 2014

Deplasare organizată – Bienala de arhitectură de la Veneția, 21-29 septembrie 2014

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism session organized within the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

The Modernity in-between Vision and Inquiry
University session – THEMATIC SEMINAR - September 26, 2014
hours : 11.00-13.00 Venue: Sale d'Armi Nord, Arsenale


11:00: Opening
Bogdan Tofan

11.15: Keynote: Ana Maria Crisan
Universal modern architecture language - vocabulary ORIGINS in Italian context - LC case.

11.45: Alexandra Pacescu
50 Shades of Modernism

12.00: Vlad Eftenie
Photographic intercourse on Romanian Moderniy – Bucharest

12.15: Alexandru Crisan
Fundamentals visions - feedback on the 14-th Biennale approach

12.30: Site Under Construction team/ Romanian Pavilion
feedback on the 14th Biennale theme and on the Romanian Pavilion approach

12.45: Ana Maria Crisan & all
Workshop introduction and discussion: ELEMENTS: EVOLUTION?

12.55: Conclusion:
Short presentation - Contextual Identity - a seminar thematic publication.

Theme : The seminar is approaching the Fundamentals Biennale theme, from the contextual identity perspective. The subjects touch: the origins of modern language, the visual modern identity and the Romanian National Pavilions’ expression in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition.

Workshop: Beyond the contextual identity, the discussion is oriented as an applied exercise in the direction of global interpretation. Centring the thematic research exposed in the Central Pavilion in Giardini - Elements of Architecture - the workshop question the evolution. The exercise aims to underline and question the models re-loading in the modern and contemporary architecture vocabulary. Workshop topic: Elements of Architecture- Evolution?

Speakers: vice-commissary of the Romanian Pavilion arch. PhD. BOGDAN TOFAN, arch. PhD. Lecturer ANA MARIA CRISAN, arch. assist. ALEXANDRA PACESCU, PhD. Lecturer VLAD EFTENIE , arch. PhD. Lecturer ALEXANDRU CRISAN, Romanian Pavilion authors – team SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Coordinator: arch. PhD. Lecturer ANA MARIA CRISAN